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“They may have the word “tiger” in their name, but they work as hard as lions. But best of all, they treat their customers like humans, which we value most of all.”

Michal Schindler, Manager BTL & Branded

“Speed, flexibility, reliability, and quality are the synonym of a good supplier, in my opinion. OP Tiger is a partner we are happy to recommend!”

Vlastimil Fau, Development Manager for On Trade and Wholesale

„They are like rock stars of t-shirt printing. We like to work with them because they simply love printing.”

Edgar Braune, General Manager and Managing Partner of Concert-Merchandising GmbH

“They’re helpful and professional. What more can you ask in today’s fast-paced digital world?”

Ladislav Trpák

Great ideas need great partnerships.

  • Capacity focused on quantity and speed

    With latest technology, we can quickly produce large quantities – that is what today’s customer needs.

  • We can do anything when it comes to textile printing. And not only that.

    Basically, anything can be done. Our printing plant features state-of-the-art machines for screen and digital printing.

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  • Full process under one roof.

    OP Tiger is not only a printing plant.

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  • 25 years of experience.

    Rich experience in all available printing techniques and ability to offer alternative solutions for the final product.

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Find out what we can do for you!

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What we can do




We cooperate with the best distributors in the field.
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We are capable of literally anything you can think of in textile printing.

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Eco printing at OP TIGER

We belong to the pioneers of ecological printing. We were one of the first print shops in Europe to achieve the most strict and respected certification, the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). It helped us fine-tune the production processes in order to be more sustainable, ethical and fair.

We continue to strive making progress towards a more sustainable, effective and ethical production every year. Even without the certification.

Here are some examples of what we do:


    We offer printing with GOTS certified inks and other non-phthalate and environment friendly inks of the same quality and durability as with the regular printing inks.


    We invest into hi-tech equipment with the most ecological parameters.


    Our entire production runs on energy from renewable resources.


    We work with a closed water cycle (do not drain our screen-wash wastewater straight into the sewer) and undergo regular wastewater check-ups.


    We recycle most recyclable materials.


    We offer non-PVC packaging for our products.


    We keep transparent accounting and warehouse management.


    We value the people who spend their time working for us, treat them fair and with respect.

Please contact us on the phone number +420 242 481 840 or write to us at

OP TIGER CZ s.r.o.
Korytná 1538/4,
100 00 Praha 10

PO - PÁ: 8.00 - 17.00
IČO: 09786848
DIČ: CZ09786848

Tel.: +420 242 481 840

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We employ people disadvantaged in the job market.
We provide long term support to many nonprofit organisations.
And, through a unique project, we make it possible for you to do GOOD too!


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Have a look at our price lists and technical options. We’ll explain everything in person, over the phone, or via e-mail, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Textile Choice

Choose the right textile for you. We have the best prices for organic textile certified by the most recognized European certification, the GOTS certified textile. And, of course, we offer all the proven classics of textile promotional textile.

  • Promotional textile recommended by catalogue

Screen printing data requirements

print motif prepared in vectors or as a bitmap (*.psd in layers and without a background for photorealistic motifs and *.tiff, *.psd or *.pdf for “pen and ink” drawings, we work in Adobe CS6 and Corel X4 on a PC platform) in 300 dpi resolution and 1:1 size

  • print formats
  • numbers of individual color shades (we work with the Pantone Matching System Solid Coated)
  • motif placement description or pdf/jpg previews (the color of the background is the color of the textile)

Screen printing transfer data requirements

print motif prepared in vectors (*.cdr, *.ai, *.eps, *.pdf) or as a bitmap (*.psd in layers without transitions for photorealistic motifs and *.tiff, *.psd or *.pdf for “pen and ink” drawings) in 300dpi resolution and 1:1 size

  • print formats
  • numbers of individual color shades (we work with Pantone Matching System Solid Coated)
  • description of the motif or pdf/jpg previews (the color of the background is the color of the textile) if we are printing on textile. If you only order printing on transfer paper and will be ironing them on yourself, we will print the motif on paper automatically in a way that saves the most space (and your money).

Digital printing data requirements

print motif (*.ai, *.pdf, *.eps, *.tiff, *.jpeg, *.psd.) in 200dpi resolution and 1:1 size

  • print formats
  • description of the placement or pdf/jpg preview
  • CAUTION: please prepare graphic data for printing on color textile WITHOUT TRANSPARENCY (i.e. with 100% coverage). We can only print data prepared with transparency (i.e. less than 100% coverage) if materials are provided in 300dpi resolution and 1:1 size.
  • CAUTION: please prepare graphic data for printing on color textile WITHOUT A BACKGROUND (i.e. without a white background). For printing on white textile, a motif with a white background is fine.

Data requirements for printing on other objects

Badges, ceramics, stickers…

print motif (*.jpg, *.png, *.psd, *.ai, *.cdr, *.pdf), 200dpi resolution and 1:1 size, data without a background

Data requirements for embroidery

print motif (*.ai, *.pdf, *.eps, *.tiff, *.jpeg, *.psd.) in 300dpi resolution and 1:1 size

  • embroidery formats in cm
  • numbers of the individual color shades of threads (we work in the Marathon Vol. III system. You can also select a color according to the Pantone Matching System Solid Coated, and we will try to find a thread in the closest matching color shade)

To ensure that the print on your t-shirt lasts as long as possible, be sure to follow some basic rules.

For example, wash your printed t-shirt inside out and at a low temperature (30°C-40°C). When ironing, don’t iron over the printed area, or iron your t-shirt inside out. But above all – love your printed t-shirt! Human life and the future of our planet are precious, so don’t throw your worn t-shirt or other textiles into the trash, but place them in a special container for textile waste. Or give it away. You’re bound to find someone who would be happy to receive it > Salvation Army…